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OAN Biotechnology Journal is an international Open Access, peer reviewed, online publishing journal that publish reports of original work, research, reviews, insightful descriptions, and policy papers. Our journal seeks to promote the development and exchange of knowledge that is directly relevant to all spheres of biotechnology research.

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Advances in biotechnology

Advanced Microscopic Approaches in Biotechnology
DNA Microarray
DNA Sequencing: Methods and Applications
Edible Vaccines
Engineering Plants for Phytoremediation
Gene Therapy
High Capacity Vectors
Molecular Markers
Monoclonal Antibody Production and Applications
RNA Interference and Its Applications

Animal biotechnology

Animal agriculture
Selective breeding
Genetic manipulation and transgenic animals
Somatic cell nuclear transfer
Genetically engineered hormones and vaccines
Animal organs for human patients
Genetically modified insects
Diagnostics in animal agriculture

Bioethics and biotechnology

Genetics revolution and human health
Public trust of biotechnology
Agriculture, food, economics and public health
Ethical, legal and social implications of human genome project
Ethical issues of cloning
Ethical issues of enotransplantation
Bioethics on Embryonic Stem Cells

Biomass and bioenergy

Biomass Characterization
Biomass Conversion Processes
Biomass Feedstocks
Biomass Fuel Analyses
Biomass Optimization and Valorization
Chemicals from Biomass
Economic Impact of Biofuels
Environmental Impact of Biofuels
Fuels from Biomass
P-series Fuels
Vegetable Oils
Waste to Bioenergy

Bioprocess and fermentation technology

Aeration and agitation
Culture preservation and inoculum development
Design of a fermenter
Effluent treatment
Instrumentation and control
Isolation and improvement of industrially microorganisms
Media for industrial fermentations
Microbial growth kinetics
Production of heterologous proteins
Recovery and purification of fermentation products

Biotechnology and healthcare

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing & Distribution
Drug Discovery & Development
Food & Drug Administration Review
Personalized Medicine
Vaccines & Biodefence

Biotechnology and intellectual property rights

Trade marks
Registered designs
Copy Right and related right
Trade secrets / know-how
Plant breeders' or plant variety rights

Biotechnology and medicine

Bacteriology and Antibiotics
Gene Therapy
Human Diseases and Epidemiology
Immunology and Monoclonal Antibodies
Medical Biotechnology
Molecular Diagnostics and Forensic Science
Recombinant DNA Technology and Therapeutic Proteins
Stem Cell Technology
Synthetic Biology and Nanomedicine
Tissue Engineering
Virology and Vaccines

Biotechnology entrepreneurship

Basic Research Versus Translational Research
Biologics Manufacturing
Biomanufacturing of Biotechnology Products
Biotech Start-Up
Biotechnology Business Models and Managing Risk
Biotechnology Market Development
Biotechnology Product Development
Biotech-Pharma Collaboration
Business Development and Partnering
Commercialization of Bioagricultural Products
Development and Commercialization of In Vitro Diagnostics
Growing Biotechnology Clusters
Intellectual Property Protection Strategies for Biotechnology Innovations
Biotechnology Commercialization Strategies
Regulatory Approval for Biotechnology Products
Understanding and Securing Venture Capital

Environmental biotechnology

Aquatic Bioassay for Analysis of Pollutants in Surface Waters
Bioaccumulation of Toxicants
Biodegradation of Organic Pollutants
Biodegradation of Pesticides in the Environment
Bioleaching and Biomining for Recovery of Resources
Biological Treatment of Wastewater
Biopesticides and Integrated Pest Management
Biotechnological Approaches to Microalgal Culture
Biotechnology for Solid Waste Management
Biotechnology in Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Impact of Pollutants and Analysis
Management and Remediation of Problem Soils
Management of Biological Diversity
Microbial Transformation of Heavy Metals
Microbial Transformations of Pesticides
Modeling of Bioreactors
Treatment of Wastewater of the Food Processing Industries

Enzyme technology

Application of enzymes in solution
Artificial enzymes
Biocatalysis for sustainable chemistry
Biocatalysis towards bio-based polymers
Biomass Conversion
DNA diagnostics
Enzyme discovery and protein engineering
Enzyme production and purification
Enzymes in organic chemistry
Immobilised enzymes and their uses
Plant synthetic biology
Reactors and process technology
Recent advances in enzyme technology
Structural Glycobiology

Food biotechnology

Applications of enzymes in food processing
Carbon footprint of food
Detection and control of foodborne pathogens
Fermentation technology
Functional food and nutraceuticals
GMOs and food security issues
Nanotechnology in food industry
Valorization of food waste

Genetics and biotechnology

Biotechnological applications of rDNA technology
Cloning strategies
DNA profiling
Gene therapy
Host cells and vectors
Making proteins
Protein engineering
Selection, screening, and analysis of recombinants
The polymerase chain reaction
Transgenic animals
Transgenic plants
Working with nucleic acids

Marine biotechnology

Biofouling Control
Bioinformatic Techniques on Marine Genomics
Bioprocess Engineering of Phototrophic Marine Organisms
Detection of Invasive Species
Marine Enzymes – Production & Applications
Marine Fungal Diversity and Bioprospecting
Marine Metagenome and Supporting Technology
Marine Microalgae
Marine Phototorophs
Marine Sponge Metagenomics
Marine Sponges
Marine Viruses
Microbial Bioprospecting in Marine Environments
Microfluidic Systems for Marine Biotechnology
Novel Bioreactors for Culturing Marine Organisms
Proteomics: Applications and Advances
Seaweed Flora

Microbial biotechnology

Bacterial biocontrol agents
Microbes and Livestock
Microbial amino acids production
Microbial biodegradation
Microbial biofertilizers
Microbial biofuels production
Microbial biomass production
Microbial healthcare products
Microbial production of organic acids
Novel microbial metabolites

Plant and forest biotechnology

Agronomic Traits
Biology of Plant Cells
Bioreactors for the Mass Cultivation of Plant Cells
Biosafety, Bioethics, and IPR Issues in Plant Biotechnology
Biotic Stress Tolerance in Plants
Breeding biotechnologies
Drought Associated MicroRNAs in Plants
Genetic Manipulation of Plant Cells
Horticulture Crops and biotechnology
Immobilized Plant Cells
Microbes in Sustainable Agriculture
Molecular Markers in Crop Plants
Oxidative Stress in Plants
Plant Based Edible Vaccines
Plant Genetic Resources
Plant Promoters
Plant Tissue Culture
Plastome Engineering
Transgenic Technology

Stem cell biotechnology

Dental and craniofacial stem cell research
Ethical issues in stem cell research
Hematopoietic stem cell research
Innovations in tissue engineering & organ regeneration
Nanotechnology in stem cell research
Orthopaedic stem cell therapy
Regeneration and therapeutics
Regenerative medicine
Safety and efficacy of stem cell treatment
Stem cell biomarkers
Stem cell cartilage regeneration
Stem cell metabolism and signaling
Stem cell nano-technology
Stem cell research and regenerative neurology
Stem cell therapy development: clinical trials
Stem cell treatment
Stem cell types and its research
Stem cell-bioinformatics
Stem cells & industry
Stem cells in bone marrow transplantation
Stem cells in cancer research
Stem cells in dermatology
Stem cells in regenerative therapies
Stem cells in tissue repair and regeneration

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